FIFA 16 Team of the Week Features Neymar, Muller, More

fut16coin Date: Nov/12/15 15:08:56 Views: 34

FIFA 16 is one of the biggest releases of the year, and like clockwork the development team at EA Sports is ready to deliver yet another Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode, with some players that can improve every starting eleven with their skill.


The studio has selected the featured footballers by evaluating their performance in matches over the weekend when Neymar once again managed to lead Barcelona to victory, even as Messi continues to be injured, and Muller, who is one of the best and most constant players in the German championship.


The attackers selected for the FIFA 16 Team of the Week include Lacazette and Kalou, quality finishers that can offer options for any team.


When it comes to midfield, gamers will be able to choose from a group including Neymar, Muller, Parejo, Konoplyanka and Nainggolan.


The defenders selected by EA Sports are Shawcross, Maroh and Layun.


When it comes to the goalkeeper position, gamers who get the Team of the Week for Ultimate Team will be able to select Marshall.


The package also contains the classic seven substitutes, lesser players who might find a spot in a starting eleven if the gamer does not have a better option.


Once the new Team of the Week is launched, buyers will be able to experiment with the new players and to see which of them fits best in their tactical setup and improves the overall Chemistry rating of the first eleven.


EA Sports is also continuing the tradition of delivering another five players to make sure that the player base has plenty of options.


FIFA 16 just received a third title update on all platforms


EA Sports has been delivering changes to the core mechanics of the simulation, but no major features have been added or eliminated since launch, a sign that the studio is mostly satisfied with the experience the title offers.


The recent third title update arrived on the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and introduces a better online matchmaking system that should make sure equally skilled gamers are pitted against each other.


There are also some smaller tweaks and a fix that eliminates a bug that could lead to an exploit in the Seasons mode.


EA Sports is continuing to listen to feedback from the fan base and to track data from online matches to improve the game even more in the coming months.


A big update for the FIFA series often arrives in late January or early February of the post-launch year, when the development team can also update the rosters for teams using winter transfer info.


There are usually also tweaks to the ratings of some of the biggest players, based on their performance.


In the meantime, the player community is waiting to see what kind of events EA Sports is planning to launch for the Ultimate Team mode.


The newly introduced Draft experience, which uses a semi-random approach for team selection, is well suited for quick and engaging tournaments with high risks and rewards.