FIFA 16: St. Patrick's Day Tournament

fut16coin Date: Mar/19/16 21:56:10 Views: 25
If you are playing FIFA 16, we wanted to give you a quick heads-up that there is a new FIFA 16 tournament for St Patrick's Day. This is worth your effort as EA has decided to give a big coin prize for those that manage to win. 
The tournament started on March 16 and will continue through the 21st.
So in the St. Patrick's tournament, FIFA gamers will have to build an Irish FUT squad which features 18 players from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
With little details circulating this year, we thought we'd take the opportunity to let you know how you can make some quick FUT coins! We appreciate that prices have increased, but we feel there is still margin to make coins.
We advise seeing if you can pick up Irish investments for cheaper on bid. By taking the time to bid as opposed to buying the cheapest Buy Now, you can save yourself a lot of coins in the long run. Fresh players (99 fitness and 7 contracts and no previous owners) should command a slightly higher price.
By winning the tournament you will be reward with the minimum of 10k FUT coins, in the offline mode. For the online players, the winner will be rewarded with 15k in FUT coins.
That is a very nice reward you will agree, but the restrictions are the only negative point. You'll need 15 players in your squad from the Republic of Ireland, so hopefully you’ll already have players such as Robbie Keane, Coleman, McGeady and Shane Long in your MyClub already. Although we are slightly late to the party this year, we took a punt on Keane this year at 1,400 coins. How are you getting on with the new tournament today, already won?