FIFA 16 Pro Clubs Wish List

fut16coin Date: May/18/15 23:03:20 Views: 36

Everyone seems to have the right ideas. I think the most important thing is for us to try and figure out a way to get lists like these in the eyes of the devs who work on Pro Clubs. If you go to a Pro Club League sites or places like /r/fifaclubs you see a lot of similar ideas being shared. Honestly I don't know how to achieve this because EA doesn't have clear lines of communication, like most devs do these days. Up until recently I didn't even know they changed the forums. (these are much better)

Most importantly we have to be sure we are a bit logical with the things we propose. Lets skip the long shots and use evidence from the current FIFA and past games to come up with features that are in the realm of possibility.

Based on what I have been reading from multiple Pro Club communities, these are the most requested/logical additions to Pro Clubs:

Custom Badge/Kits: I don't think one FIFA releases without this feature being requested by those who play Pro Clubs. On last gen, the Creation Centre was promoted constantly and you were able to do a lot of the things we are asking for albeit in other modes. Revive this feature and let us upload to Pro Clubs

Club Practice Arena: In past FIFA's you were able to line your team up and start a practice match against the AI. This feature needs to return with new customizations added. Allow us to choose how many players on each side. Whether it is 11v11, 5 Pro Club players vs. 5 CPU or your squad broken up into defense and attack to scrimmage each other. Lastly, add the ability to easily practice free kicks and corners.

Captains Armband/Assign Roles and Custom Tactics: Right now the only purpose for being captain is to search for games and choose basic tactics in-game. The captains armband should be visible on the player in-game. This player is usually captain for a reason and although it isn't a major need, I think this has been largely overdue. The captain also needs to be able to assign roles. FK Takers, Corner Takers, PK takers should all be pre-determined by the captain and I believe this could easily be added to the current Search game menu in the Pro Club lobby. Along with the ability to assign roles, the captain should also be able to set Custom Tactics like in previous FIFA's.

Cup Celebration: Much like the visibility of the Captain armband on the actually selected captain, this feature isn't a major issue but would be a welcome fix. The cup you are playing for should be visible if you win it. Stop giving us the EA Shield if we win the Continental Cup.

CPU Progression System: Give us 11 generic CPU's that get better over time. Promotions should add substantial stat boosts and relegation should take them away. A modest stat cap can be implemented so they aren't overpowered but the randomly generated CPU's with random stats need to go.

Improvement to Friendlies: The current Club Friendlies feature is probably the worst it has ever been. The only reason the club who sends the invite should be in a loading screen is if the opposing club accepted. As it stands now, the game times out if the other team doesn't accept and the sending team is kicked into the menus and has to re-lineup. A lobby should be created like in past FIFA's where both teams can select their jersey and ready up for the game to start. You'll no longer have to worry about kits clashing since teams can select the jersey they want in full view of the other team. The ability to customize the friendly to allow for extra time/golden goal would also be very useful for instances where teams don't want to draw.

Player Customization: We have had the same hairstyles for quite a few years. Player customization needs an overhaul to put it simply.