FIFA 16 Price Range - FAQ

fut16coin Date: May/28/15 22:58:38 Views: 20

Price ranges can be a good thing but also a bad thing. Here a few just faqs from fans which may help u know the gameplay better .


F: Bring out better packs like a free untradeable legend pack every once in a while

A: You're turning the 'money-maker' for FIFA into a get it for free card. It's just not going to happen, FIFA wants people to buy FIFA 16 coins and giving away the rare cards people want defeats that purpose and also, suddenly everyone having rare cards and totw and tots and all those makes having them mean almost nothing. "If everyone is special, then no one is special."


F: Give us more money for winning matches like 1500-2500 coins 

A: Awarding more coins for matches would do the same thing as inflation does in real life. If you suddenly start giving everyone 1500 coins for a match that you would normally only earn like 500 in, that would just make everyone have more coins, which would make all the transfer market prices go up, and if everyone has more coins, that means EA has to raise prices so it still takes time before you can just buy gold packs for days. So this would accomplish nothing.


F: when we play the legend on a certain difficulty we get a free un/tradeable legend, so if you play on amatuer you get the worst legend and if you play on legendary you get a better chance of getting the likes of pele maldini beckenbauer etc. but you can only the team once on every difficulty

A: Ultimate Team is supposed to be based on how the player is in real life, not how well you're using him, its the premise of the whole mode. Also, more ways to lose coin purchases for FIFA. Everyone has a *-load of those. Gold packs for everyone, no coin purchases.


F: Set targets for certain players in a certain position  so if a striker scores a certain amount of goals his gets upgraded to an inform card or if midfielder get a certain amount of goals and assists he gets upgraded and if a golakeeper and defender get a certain amount of clean sheets he gets upgraded.

A: Try to don't purchase player that much, and if I do its a simple gold card or contract or fitness or injury card, so I don't understand the cap/locking thing everyones talking about...but I'd assume it has something to do with coin purchases for FIFA.


F: how to make fifa 16 career mode and pro clubs better:

1).Have the Puskas award on career mode and have team of the year on it aswell as goal of the season.

2).Online career mode

3).More hair styles on pro clubs 

4).Create your own kit and an badge for pro clubs 

5).No scripting 

6).Better gameplay 


A: Career Mode & Pro Clubs

1. EA doesn't care about the career mode players anymore, they aren't the cash cow for FIFA anymore. I haven't seen any real change to Career Mode since they introduced the Player option...(except for the fact that the career record menu is fault in 15, I'm still pissed about that one)

2. EA Sports doesn't care about the career mode players, they get their $60/game from them and that's it. They would have to spend even more money on servers to fit online Career Mode, and I'd assume the transfer market would be based on the club's transfer budget and not coins you could buy online, or else it'd just be UT again. So that's money EA would have to spend without anymore income for them.

3. More work for FIFA, no more income for FIFA... They just don't care about it and copy and paste from last year and the year before.

4. (see above)

5. At this point EA is aready in too deep, if they take away scripting, everyone will notice the difference and know it was present in the previous. They've lied about it for too long and they're committed now, scripting will always be in FIFA.

6. (see above)


Most importantly, remember, you don't matter to EA, all you are is another 60 bucks every year, a number. I cannot stress that enough, EA does NOT care about us, as long as they still sell a *-load of copies every year, they won't fix it.