FIFA 16- Our Team Ratings Prediction

fut16coin Date: May/23/15 21:09:26 Views: 26

Since the season is almost reaching it's end, here are my predictions for the next installment of FIFA.


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De Gea(83)- +3/+4 86/87, Tbh De Gea was pretty underrated in FiFa 15, however in 16, he's going to be our team's highest rated player. 86 is the most likeliest rating he'll get in 16, however they may keep Courtois and De Gea's ratings the same, so 87 is also very likely (if they increase his rating as well).


Victor Valdes(83)- -2, 81. Since he hasn't a match for our team, I expect a downgrade from FIFA 15.


Phil Jones (79)- +1/+2, 81 is most likely he's going to receive, making him a solid long term defensive option in career mode.


Chris Smalling (76)- +5, 81. he's come a long way since the last season. Arguably, our defender of the season. He'll be one of those players who'll get a big upgrade in next game.


Marcos Rojo (79)- +1/+2, 80/81. Just like Phil Jones, Rojo whose season was plagued by injuries will most likely get a slight increase in his rating.


Jonny Evans (79)- -3, 76. One of the weakest players in our defense. Injuries didn't help him either. I reckon a downgrade to 76 is very likely.


Luke Shaw(75)- -1/+1, 74/76. This one is slightly hard to predict because he was injured most of the season. EA may decide to reduce 1 point or leave him to his previous rating of 75. But, whenever he played, he was brilliant, so an increase is not unlikely as well. Whatever his rating is going to be, he'll be one of the best young player in FIFA.


Rafael (77)- -3, 74. Didn't play most of the season and very likely to leave our team. He'll be one of the few players in the team to get a down grade.


Antonio Valencia (80)- +/-0, 80. Played as a right-back throughout the season. I think, he's going to keep his rating of 80 with an increase in defending stats.


Daley Blind (79)- +2, 81. A versatile player who can play anywhere in the back and the Midfield. He's going to be an exciting player to use in Career mode. An increase in rating will do him justice as he was one of the most consistent performers of our season.


Ander Herrera(79)- +4/+5, 83/84. Arguably our best signing of the season. Ander Herrera will most likely get a big upgrade from previous installment. An increase upto 84 will do him justice as he was one of our best midfield players this season.


Carrick(79)- +1, 80. Michael Carrick, our most experienced player in the Midfield will probably only get a slight increase in rating due to his age and injuries.


Fellaini (79)- +2/+3, 81/82. Labelled as our flop signing last season. His turn around will surely see an increase in his physical, dribbling and shooting stats. He was a vital player this season, an increase upto 82 is very likely for the Belgian.


Ashley Young (78)- +5, 83. Other than Fellaini, it was Ashley Young who had a complete turn over this season. He came leaps and bound since last season. He's been in great form since he came back from injury. Some might say, he's just behind 


De Gea for our team's player of the season award.


Di Maria(86)- +0/-1, 86/85. Our most expensive signing last season. People have divided opinions, when it comes to his first season at Manchester United. Some say he had a decent season racking up more than 10 assits and others say his season was below average. I predict a slight downgrade to 85, or he'll likely keep his rating from previous installment.


Januzaj (75)- -2/-1, 73/74. Unlike his previous season, Januzaj failed to make a mark this season, mostly spending his team on the bench. He'll most likely get a slight downgrade in his ratings. Still, he'll be of the best young players for Manager mode.


Mata (85)- +0/-0, 85. One of the better players of our team. Juan Mata had an impressive season, ending as our team's second highest scorer. He's most likely to keep his rating of 85. It is unlikely he'll get more or less than that.


Robin Van Persie(88)- -5/-6, 83/82. Failing to make his mark this season, he spent half of the season injured. Since he was already overrated in FIFA 15, I expect a huge downgrade in FIFA 16.


Wayne Rooney(86) - +1, 87. Our captain, had a decent season. Ending as the team's top scorer, I predict a slight increase in his rating making him one of the highest rated player in our team.


James Wilson(63)- +7, 70. One of our best young players. First team minutes will ensure that he'll most likely get a huge upgrade and will be one of the best young players in FIFA 16.


Paddy Mcnair(49)- +16, 65. Added into the game after the season started. Paddy McNair will get the biggest upgrade since he was given a very low rating in FIFA 15.


Andres Periera (59)- +7, 66. Said to be one of our best youth players. He'll most likely get a good upgrade in FIFA 16. Since he didn't play for first team a lot, he'll stay in the sixties.


Depay(78)- +4/+5, 82/83. Ending the season as the league's highest scorer and first of our many signing for the next season. He'll be the second best young player in FIFA 16 (other being Pogba). One player everyone will want to sign in their career 



I didn't do loan players and other than Tyler Blackett, I think I did all the first team players. Feel free to point out any errors. What are your predictions?