FIFA 16: New face shot sessions started

fut16coin Date: Jun/10/15 22:46:53 Views: 26

New face shot 1


In less than four months, we can already start playing a digital game of football with FIFA 16. Since the game hasn't been officially announced yet, little details are available about the highly anticipated next instalment. Except when footballers share information themselves.

Recently football player Dazet Wilfried Armel Zaha was invited by EA Sports to do some face shots for FIFA 16. He himself confirms this with a photo on Instagram, with the simple description: FIFA 16 face shots:


New face shot 2

The winger for Crystal Palace took the time for EA Sports to put his face in FIFA 16 as realistically as possible. There's no doubt that other football players took place at the exact same spot to do their face shots. Either way, it's good to know that EA Sports is working hard to make FIFA 16 again as engaging as possible. We're eager to learn more about FIFA 16, coming this September!