FIFA 16 Mobile Petition

fut16coin Date: Jun/18/15 22:49:49 Views: 34

FIFA for Mobile has been among the top games in Different App Stores for years now and there is a very large user base and dedicated user-base.


We feel that we have spent countless amount of time,money,and dedication only to receive little to no return on that investment.


The game could and should be improved,in order to maximize the happiness of us customers.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was a big let down and step backwards compared to the FIFA 14 Mobile which was loaded with content and options for us users. We the dedicated and loyal fans believe that you guys have the ability to do better and with this petition we hope that finally finally our suggestions and opinions for how the game should be improved will be implemented.


Without further ado these are demands that we feel should be in FIFA 16 Mobile.


1. Legends: We understand your exclusive deal with Xbox but this is a game you guys put on mobile so we don't see why not.


2. Better Customer interactions:We're tired of being ignored and we had to pull teeth just to get the transfer market back .(ie )We have more users than EA Madden Mobile so the creation of an ea sports FIFA twitter account just like is necessary.


3. Return of adjusted match time: We don't see why this isn't even in the game.


4. Better online connections with little to no lag.


5. No Bogus Online disconnects: Sometime when an online match is started the match immediately says "The connection to your opponent has been lost" and it goes back to the match menu showing us an online match result of "3-0" which we lost.


6. Third & International kits:This would make the game more immersive and enjoyable for users


7. More graphics and face details on the most popular players(Neymar,Suarez,Costa,Courtois) 


8. More FIFA stadiums.


Estadio da Luz (Benfica)


9. The ability to make friends and then play matches with those friends online. 


10. The ability to play matches in tournaments that have a seconds leg And show the team actually lifting the trophy.


11. Tournament Goals, Assists, and Discipline rankings


12. Reasonable Substitutions.The opponents bench has important gold players who instead of coming on some bronze player no one has heard of comes on instead 


13. Better Commentary: we hate how at the end of each match it says the team is ready for the second leg while the game doesn't give you the opportunity to play the second leg.


14. A training ground where we can practice Free Kicks and Drills


15. Correct Offside Calling


16. Online friendlies,Wager matches, and also add online tournaments.


17. Referee / Linesmen in the game


18. Ability to save replays during Online Play


19. Long Free Kicker/Short Free Kicker Option:We're tired of using lone strikers like Diego Costa to take half court free kicks


20. Full Match Player Ratings


21. Ability to exchange player to friends accounts


22. The abilty to play friendlies with the option to end match as draw,golden goal,or extra time.


Why do not care how big the game would be to implement these changes. Thanks!