FIFA 16 Liverpool Career Mode Guide: 10 Things You Must Do

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Welcome aboard. That exuberant, German, four-eyed fella didn’t last long in Merseyside and it’s time for you to take over the intimidating position of first team coach at Liverpool football club. It won’t be easy and the expectations are, well…ridiculous. The board haven’t taken into consideration that you have Dejan Lovren at centre back, Joe Allen and Lucas Leiva as anchormen and the eery echo of Brendan Rodgers’ “technically superb” excuses floating around the Anfield corridors.


This season you’re expected to qualify for the Champions League despite having a squad nowhere near as strong as Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. You’re also supposed to get to the final of either the FA Cup or the League cup and required to win the Europa League. None of these board requirements are going to be easy but they’re not impossible if you stick to some key FIFA 16: Career Mode guidelines.


To be fair to the people upstairs they have given you a transfer budget of around £39 million and a decent wage limit of £180,000. That means there are certainly opportunities to improve the current side and depending on how much you want to change the current team (I would recommend to not adapt it too much in the first season) you can certainly bring in some talented players. After spending one season in charge of the Reds I have concocted a quick-fire guide that can help you on your Merseyside journey…


10. Sign Hachim Mastour From AC Milan For £6 Million




Widely regarded as one of the best young talents on FIFA 16, Hachim Mastour is someone that you want to purchase as soon as possible. The up and coming kid is rated with a 67 FUT rating with the potential of reaching an 87. His ball control and dribbling skills are fantastic for a 17-year-old and his passing and shooting skills really do improve sharpish. The player can turn into a five star skiller by the age of 19 and can be a dangerous player for you to own in your side and he would really work in the Liverpool set up.


His acceleration, agility and balance is fantastic and although he would be a project and require a lot of training he will turn out to be one of the best players on the game. The Milan midfielder (who in real life is currently on loan at Malaga) is available for around £6 million but will cost a lot more if you wait a couple of years.


9. Buy A Young Talented Goalkeeper




You’re not happy with Adam Bogdan acting as Simon Mignolet’s understudy and let’s be honest you’re not even overwhelmed with the Belgian starting every game. It’s time to invest in a shot-stopper who is going to have a long and trophy-laden career with you at the helm and although that might cost you a few quid, it’s worthwhile.


I decided to sign Real Sociedad’s Geronimo Rulli who has a 78 rating and aged just 23-years-old represents excellent value and great resale value (if you should wish to do that). The Argentine has an 80 rating for diving and an 82 for his reflexes making him a reliable pair of hands and isn’t too far off Mignolet’s attributes despite being four years younger.


8. Recall Mario Balotelli 




Ok, so I realise a large portion of Liverpool fans won’t be able to physically click that ‘recall’ button button but if you stir up enough courage to whack it then you’re getting an 80 rated player for £960,000. Not bad eh?


Daniel Sturridge has an FUT rating of 84 and Christian Benteke holds a 82 but aside from those two (and I prefer Sturridge as an inside forward) you only have Danny Ings (75) and Divock Origi (76) as back up. Mario Balotelli has excellent strength, an 80 rating for shooting and a 79 for dribbling and could therefore really help your Liverpool side.


7. Get Divock Origi On The Training Pitch




If you have decided to ignore my previous advice in point number eight (the Balotelli stuff) then you may think you would rather train Divock Origi rather than bring the ballsy Italian back to Anfield. Perfectly understandable.


Origi is a promising forward at the start of FIFA 16 and has an overall FUT rating of 76 but he is very raw. If you get him on the training pitch as soon as possible then you could find yourself with a very capable attacker. His 85 rating for pace is extremely good but his shooting and dribbling needs work. Too often the Belgian forward will lose possession when dribbling due to a heavy touch or slow change of direction. These flaws can be ironed out relatively quickly with some routine training drills and courses.


6. Reject All Offers For Philippe Coutinho And Daniel Sturridge




Offers for Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge are going to pile into your mailbox like Jamie Dornan’s on Valentines day. You will be offered huge amounts of cash but you must decline. The current Liverpool men are crucial to your team’s fortunes and their 84 ratings are just about irreplaceable. (Obviously you could just replace them but you will struggle to find two players for £60 million who can match their passing, creativity and shooting).


I think that playing Coutinho on the left and Sturridge on the right as part of a 4-2-3-1 formation works very well with Christian Benteke deployed as the central striker.


5. Hold Off On Big Signings Until January




Liverpool have a good side and despite having a good amount of money to spend their is no real need to go out and spend huge money before you have experimented with the side. Christian Benteke is a perfectly good striker, Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge can play behind and Emre Can and Jordan ‘Cover Star’ Henderson can play centre midfield.


Defensively it’s a bit of a different story. Dejan Lovren and Mamadou Sakho are painfully slow and it might be a good idea to buy a centre back (see next point). Despite needing to improve on a few areas I think it’s important to wait till January as you can get players then (such as Sporting Lisbon’s Andre Carrillo) whereas they refuse to move at the start of the game.


4. Buy A Centre Back Either For The Future/Now




Niklas Sule is Hoffenheim’s hotshot youngster who is making a name for himself as one of the most talented centre backs in world football. It’s your decision whether you spend money on someone for the future (Sule will cost around £13 million) or decide that you need a player who is ready for first team football immediately.


At just 20-years-old he has a 78 FUT rating and isn’t far behind Lovren or Sakho already. He has a strong physical presence and a defender rating of 81. Sule is destined for football greatness but if you decide you need someone like Paris Saint-Germain’s Marquinhos then I respect your decision.


3. Put Lazar Markovic And Dejan Lovren On The Transfer List




You can acquire some essential funds if you choose to sell Lazar Markovic and Dejan Lovren. It’s important to list them immediately so you have enough time to negotiate the best price for them. You can normally get around £9 million for Markovic and close to £12 for Lovren (which you could use to buy Niklas Sule).


Neither players will offer you enough to persuade you to keep them around Anfield and if you can get the right price then I would definitely recommend that you sell the underperforming pair.


2. Play A 4-2-3-1 Formation




I tried a few different formations over the season and it does seem that Liverpool respond best to a 4-2-3-1 system. I experimented with a 4-2-2-2 and a 4-3-3 but I struggled to incorporate all of the Reds’ attacking options.


I believe that if you play Emre Can and Jordan Henderon in the middle of midfield with Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho on the flanks (acting as inside forwards) accompanied by Roberto Firmino (or Hachim Mastour) as a number ten and Christian Benteke up front you should find a winning formula eventually.


1. Sell Joe Allen




You can get a healthy £8 million offer for Joe Allen and you simply must accept it. Despite having a better rating than Emre Can he isn’t physically as strong and it’s important that your centre midfielders can handle a few shoulder barges on FIFA 16.


Lucas Leiva who has a rating of 79 will keep him out the team if you wish to rotate meaning there are very few opportunities that you will actually have to bring the Welshman in (unless you keep him for the League Cup where he will flourish against Scunthorpe United – no offence Irons’ fans).