FIFA 16 Legends Wishlist - Andrea Pirlo

fut16coin Date: Jun/26/15 22:51:10 Views: 38

Andrea Pirlo


Following suit with some Italian flair as you could say, the next player in my wishlist for the legends released in FIFA 16 is none other than Andrea Pirlo. He's one of the most underrated players of all time and his soccer IQ may be one that's unmatched in the world. 


Passing is an underrated attribute on a player that not many people truly see when they're watching the sport, except for when it comes to Pirlo. His vision of the field and controlling where his attackers and companions in the midfield are headed is immaculate. He can set you up from anywhere in the field and if you're fast enough, he can probably give you a nice shot on goal as well. To me my favorite Pirlo moment that truly captures his greatness is in the 2006 world cup, where they were in extra time in the semifinal and he gave a brilliant pass to Grosso that ultimately leaded to a goal. He led the entire defense to think he was going to pass wide, when in reality he freed up his attacker inside the box giving him a clear shot on goal. That's just great.


Another attribute with him is his free kicks, I guess if you can pass as good as Pirlo, ball placement on free kicks must come naturally. His shots were lethal and if you gave him anything withing 30 yards, you were very prone to getting punished for it.


Pirlo is an all around beast, and his card would reflect that easily, and while not popular because of pace, for those slow paced players who love the pass game, Pirlo is easily the best for that style of play.