FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Defense, Midfield, Attack and Ideas

fut16coin Date: Jul/17/15 08:32:56 Views: 19

See how FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch in gameplay, delivering a balanced experience through defense, midfield, and attack.



Some comments, below!


·I really hope FIFA 16 can polish the core experience significantly. Smarter players in general is my big ask. Also, intelligent line-ups for set plays is insanely overdue / never should have been an issue. When the opponent takes a corner and your CB is standing on the edge of the box and taking himself out of play, and your midget winger sets up to cover their tallest offensive players... mind. blown.


·We want better game modes, or better improvements to the current game modes. Look at career mode, or FUT. So much more can be improved. So far, we've only gotten a few gameplay improvements, which I'm sure is good. But please, focus on the game modes too!


·Why do people always moan "it's the same as last year..."? It's a game of football, what do you expect to change so dramatically?


·Fifa 15 + lesbians = Fifa 16


·Out of this whole thing all I am excited about is that the Bundesliga is licensed!


·The one thing I noticed was on the Dortmund gameplay. They are using the actual Bundesliga score board in the top corner as seen on tele. Also they have now added in the Borussia-Park, Gladbach's stadium. Hopefully this means for Buli stadiums.


·OK now you actually have to give them the credit for. 2 years in a row they actually working on the bad sides of the game, rather than adding some new animations. The offensive side of the game since the 15 demo was too close to the perfect. Now can't wait for defensive. The question how do they implant it with controllers. My guess would be half-AI half manual controller. Can't wait for the demo. Btw this is one heluva video. Because rather than just cinematic kind of gameplay, they just summarized the new features with actual in-game gameplay. I will believe.


·Don't get me wrong, this trailer has me HYPED...

But the thing about it, is it's H2H gameplay. If FUT was anything like H2H, not too many people would complain. The problem is that not all of these great features always translate over to FUT.

I'm holding out hope though!


·I know the graphics in this game aren't really groundbreaking or talked about.. But from what we've seen so far I really like the clear colors and the 3D models in 16. The players we've seen look more like their real life counterpart compared to 15 where some of them just looked hands down psychotic..


·I bet they are OP


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