FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees Prediction and Guide

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FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees and Winners cards will be available soon and will see a flurry of pink flood the Transfer Market. The word FUTTIES basically means the FIFA Ultimate Team Oscars, which will be chosen by you, the FUT community. The idea of the FUT Oscars was first brought to our attention back in 2014 by Jamie Kennedy. A year after launching our own world's first FIFA 14 Oscars event, EA have hosted the relatively new promotion for all to enjoy. Over 1.5 million votes were cast last year, so expect this year to be even bigger! The famous event was likely shaped by one man's idea and passion for FIFA, showing that all of your ideas are very much valued within the community.


FIFA 16 futties




Last year 11 pink in-forms were released for the winners, however this year the anti has been upped. The nominees will also get new pink cards!


Release Date


FIFA 16 Futties


The FIFA 16 FUTTIES winners may be confirmed on July 20th, 2016. Although last year's FUTTIES released on July 15th, this year we have the European Championships to contend with, with the final taking place on Sunday, July 10th. As iMOTM's will be released up until the final, we're not sure EA will cross the promotions (even if it does just coincide with the voting process).



Last year voting began almost two weeks before the release. However this year we think you'll be able to vote after EURO 2016 has finished. This gives roughly a one week window for votes to be collected by EA. We'll update this guide on how you can vote as soon as details emerge.




Players can only get nominated in one category, meaning they will only receive one pink card. The awards will likely be distributed for the following categories;


  • In for the Safe Hands
  • In for the Tackles
  • In for the Skills
  • In for the Longshots
  • In for the Headers
  • In for the Leadership
  • In for the Weak Foot
  • Out of Position
  • Perfect Link
  • In for the Pace