FIFA 16 Discuss New Leagues is Rumored Being Added in Game

fut16coin Date: May/26/15 22:10:35 Views: 17

"FIFA 16" is one of the most anticipated releases in the gaming industry right now, and many fans of the franchise are waiting to see what the sequel will bring. Of course, we've been hearing various rumors about the game too, as can be expected when it comes to a release of this magnitude – and some of the things being discussed right now sound quite interesting.

EA are apparently looking to add more leagues to the game, particularly from Brazil and Chile, and we can also expect to see new gameplay features introduced as well, though there are conflicting rumors about what exactly those would be. Other South American leagues that will be added to the game include ones from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.



This is one of the more strongly founded reports, so we expect it to be true right now, especially since a spokesperson for the Chilean Football Federation has explicitly confirmed the claims after being approached for more information. We don't have the confirmation of other leagues though, but we can assume that information about them has also been correct if Chile are indeed coming to the game.

EA have also been in talks with the Brazilian league and championship, but that deal hasn't been finalized yet and we don't know if it will actually work out in the end. This is not the first time the company has tried talking to the league for inclusion in the title, but previously, in 2014, the talks fell through and the league didn't get included in "FIFA 15", much to the disappointment of many of the franchise's fans.

In general, increasing the number of leagues seems to be a common trend for EA for "FIFA 16", and they've been very active in talking to various organizations in order to increase the presence of different football teams in their game.

At the same time, the gameplay of "FIFA 16" is likely going to see some FIFA 16 refinements as well. EA have apparently been keeping an eye on the community and online discussions about the franchise, as they seem to be planning to include various features that have been discussed for a while now, although this is just a rumor and hasn't been confirmed for the time being. The company refuses to give any detailed information about the game's gameplay, but they will likely give some more details in the coming future once they're ready to show it in a more presentable version.

Until then, the current "FIFA" will likely remain highly popular, and EA have also been actively developing "FIFA 15 Ultimate Teams", an additional game that has managed to gain a lot of traction so far and its users are apparently very happy with the game's overall status and development progress.

Even though it started off on a somewhat skeptical/critical note, as some players were confused with the direction EA were taking the game in the beginning, it all worked out in the end as it proved to be a solid title with a lot of merit. Of course, now it's very likely that EA will continue to develop it after its current installment as well.

But there hasn't been much information on that front so far, so for now all we can do is wait for EA to give some details. They might continue to develop the game as a single title instead of releasing real sequels to it, and there could be a lot of potential in that if they want to preserve their current user base as much as possible.