FIFA 16 Defend & Attack Guide

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Hello everyone, I've seen so many posts on some FIFA 16 forums, which named "How do i defend?", "How do i stop the opposing player from walking through my defence?", "How do I score in this game?". And I can't blame you, FIFA 16 is probably the hardest FIFA to date, and it took me a while to get used to it.


So I have decided to write a little guide, I made a guide for the new tactical defending when it came out and it was a very popular guide on the FIFA forums, so hopefully I can assist some of you. This guide will NOT cover high pressure tactics or any custom settings for the game, this is all about how to play it. I couldnt give you tips on those settings even if I wanted to, because i don't use them.




As far as I'm aware there are 4 types of effective defending, they all work in different parts of the pitch and against different type of opponents. So its best to use a combination of the four.


Manual defending:

This is when you are controlling the closest player to the ball carrier, jockying him and waiting for him to make his move. This tactic is best used against someone who is a decent dribler (not talking about skill moves), and its best used either down on the wing or directly infront of your own box. Using just the teammate contain in these areas of the pitch is dangerous, on the wing its dangerous because a decent dribler will easily get past the AI if you are just using the contain button, and infront of the box its very easy to shake the defender off long enough to get a good shot off. Here is a checklist of what to do, and what not to do when using this method.


Stay off the sprint button unless you have to, if you sprint in either direction, and the attacker makes a sharp turn.... you are gone.


In 1v1 scenarios where hes through on goal, just try to jocky backwards in a straight line, dont commit to either side unless you absolutely have to, most attackers will turn one way and then do a sharp turn the other way, if you as a defender committ to either side too early, he will most likely get past you.


Dont be aggressive, in a perfect scenario you want the attacker to run into you, not the other way around. If you try, and miss, hes past you. The only time I would go aggressive in to get the ball is if he does a sharp turn/skill move that i notice very early, so that I can move my defender where the attacker exits his move, this will often result in me getting the ball. But against a player with high dribbling, he can sometimes skip past you.


Its ok to use the secondary press aswell on the wing, but dont do it infront of your own box. But on the wing you can really box the attacker in and he will be stuck there.


Do not use the contain button when applying this method. In all fairness, never use the contain button, its bad.


Auto defending:

This is where you basicly use the secondary press to charge the ball carrier, and then use your controlled player (preferably a CDM or CM) to move and cut off his best passing option. Use this tactic anywhere on the pitch except when hes close to your own box, or past your midfield only facing your defensive line.


If you are at a point where using the secondary press will bring out one of your back 4/3 (depending on formation), dont use it.


This tactic works really well against passing playstyles, players who pass a lot. They usually dont focus much on dribbling and will assume they cannot get past the player charging them, so they will go with the passing option instead, this is when you can intercept the ball.


Semi defending:

This is just an advanced variation of the auto-defending. Here you basicly take your defender, run him towards the ball carrier manually, so that the opponent thinks you are going to manually defend against him, but as soon as your defender gets close , you switch to a player further back on the pitch, press the secondary press button (which will make the closest player contain the ball carrier, aka the guy you just ran close to him) and then you try to intercept the pass from further back. The good thing about this type of defending is that you will pressure the ball carrier faster, giving him less time to decide. You will also deter him from trying to skill past you, since he thinks you will manualy jocky. But, it will give you less time to position yourself for interceptions. This is proably a more advanced type of defending, I dont use it much. It really requires you to spot passing options early, so you know which man to switch to and position him perfectly in a very short amount of time.


Agressive defending:

This is where you use your midfielders to basicly try and ram down the ball carrier, as soon as a pass is made, use your right stick to switch to the closest player, run towards the reciever and try to guess which way he will turn.... run... or pass and either tackle him or intercept. This tactic adds a lot of pressure, but a skilled player can really take advantage of this and create lots of space for himself on the pitch. However, this tactic is very good when the ball carrier is infront of your box and your midfield is close, use your CDM/CM to harass the ball carrier while he is facing your back 4. The better you are at reading the game, the better this tactic will work. This tactic, when done properly will often win you the ball back earlier.


General advice:

There is a lot of replies to struggling players that the shouldnt control the back 4 manually. And I agree, to a certain extent. When its the only possible option, you HAVE to do it, and if you have the time, rather use the left or right back than the CBs. Just remember to keep cool and dont stress to get the ball back. You have already let your opponent get infront of your box with only the back 4 to help you out, you are in NO rush to get the ball back, just play it cool and keep him from scoring. Losing your head in this situation guarantees a goal against you.


Sometimes your defenders might be out of position while the opponent is coming down on your half, if you notice a gap in your defence, instead of trying to harass the ball carrier manually, try to use AI contain and manually select a player and move him into the gap so its filled. The way attacking players work in this game is that they will automaticly seek out holes in the defence, so if you let that gap stay open, a striker will rush through it and be clear on goal if he recieves a decent pass.





Stringing together passes is very different this year, and its harder. Here is a few tips for successfull passing.


The through ball is less useful this year, this was hard for me to get used to. I very often used this during build up, but this year it works a bit differently. It will often go further than you want it to, and it will very often get intercepted. The general rule for through balls is this, ONLY use it towards players with free space ahead of them. And when a player is making a run between defenders, if it goes too far and the keeper gets it, its not because you put too much power on it, its either the passing skill of the passer (and ofcourse, bad luck from the game engine) OR its just that the pass is miss-timed in regards to the run made, this will result in a bad pass. If you time it correctly, the pass will be perfect.


The normal pass is still extremely effective, and should be your most used pass, its easier to recieve and quick to execute.


The driven pass is the new addition in FIFA 16, and its great. Use this towards ANY player that has a defender near him or close to the passing lane. (player stats becomes very important here). As a rule of thumb, 90% of the time you pass to your strikers, you will want to use this type of pass, or else it will be intercepted.


If you have the time, face the player you are passing to, this will make the pass more accurate and easier to recieve. This is not always possible, but try to do it as much as you can.



When you recieve the ball you do not want to hold the sprint button unless you have lots of open space to run into. holding LT will make you recieve the ball more smoothly, and less chance that it bounces off you a bit and a defender snags it. And if its a normal pass, remember to run towards the ball, this will prevent interceptions and give you more time to turn/pass. When recieving infront of the box against an agressive defender, who rushes a CB out to get you, you can just hold LT and wait, see which direction he comes from and turn the opposite side for a free chance on goal.



Dribbling this year is also very different, skill moves are less effective, as a result I dont use them as much as I used to. I do however dribble... a lot. Mastering the skill-dribble (LT+RT) will let you create space for a shot, or even walk past AI contain. But the most effective technique is switching directions while alternating sprint and LT button. This will give you a slight speed boost to either side, so you can dart past defenders with ease. This is very powerful when coming in from the wing, but you do need some speed going into it, if you try this from a stand-still, the defender will read it and catch you. If you however manage to get your player past the point of acceleration, you can pretty much change direction slightly, and the defender has a 50-50 chance to catch you, by guessing which way you will go. Once you get past a defender or two, the player will usually start to panic, at this point he will overcommit too easily, and ive gone past 5-6 players and put the ball past the keeper followed by a rage quit soo many times its not even funny. This is also a great technique to create some space for a pass in the midfield, once you go past one player, you will have lots of room to run into, and a lot more passing options. Just constantly holding the sprint button this year is NOT a good idea.


If you master this technique in division 10-4, your game will change dramatically. I think I figured this out when I was in division 9-8, and i went straight down to division 3 with 3-8 goals in average per match. This is also why you want to jocky defend against players down on the wing or infront of the box, because this technique will let you go past AI contain pretty easily aswell. If you try to Auto defend against someone who knows how to do this, you are in big trouble



Crossing in this game is very different from previous FIFA versions, you have probably noticed the keeper catching everything. The best ways to cross in this game is early crosses, cross it before you reach the edge of the box, hold LB and cross it in. Power depends if you are aiming for the middle or backpost. (depending on where you have a player on the run). If your attackers are too far behind when you are ready to cross you have two options, either go further down the pitch and do a power cross (double tap the cross button, or triple tap it for a low cross, remember to have your player face across the goal. Or you can cut in slightly, let your players advance towards the box, and then cross.


Scoring Goals:

When it comes to shooting, you can pretty much score from any angle this year. Even near post when coming in from the wing. But my absolute favorite way to score this year is cutting in from the wing and doing a driven pass into the box. If you have a striker with good positioning and finishing this will result in tons of goals.


More FIFA 16 tips tricks will come at a later point, a bit busy. Feel free to add tips for those who struggle, leave your wonderful ideas below, please, if you don't agree with me.