FIFA 16 Compete at a Higher Level

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FIFA 16 Compete


For FIFA 16, we are including new and different ways to help fans achieve every level of success. This year, were going to make you a better player. If you are new to EA SPORTS FIFA, we want to get you in the game. If you are a veteran player, we want to make this season your best ever.


A new in-game trainer in FIFA 16 will give you contextual feedback on how to send better crosses, score more goals, and defend with confidence.


Regardless if you are starting up FIFA for the very first time or have been playing since Day One, there are always ways to improve your FIFA skills and defeat your opposition. With FIFA Trainer, our aim is to help improve players in-game rather than relying on out of game video tutorials.


In FIFA 16, were introducing an optional graphical overlay (Heads-Up-Display) that helps to identify the current game situation and offer varying options based on the Trainer level. From basic commands that will help get you on your feet to deeper hints that can help shift the tide of the match in your favor, the FIFA trainer is like having an expert by your side while you play.


Skill Games: Basic Level


For the last few years, our Skills Games have not only made it possible to learn some of the finer aspects to the FIFA series, they have also created competition between friends as they vie for the highest possible score. For FIFA 16, were introducing a new Basic Level aimed at assisting first time FIFA players. While seasoned FIFA fans will breeze through these new challenges, the aim is to ensure that FIFA 16 is the most accessible iteration in the franchise.