FIFA 16 Closed Beta Frequently Asked Questions

fut16coin Date: Aug/14/15 22:55:35 Views: 17

How do I get a beta code?

Beta codes are sent via email to those eligible. If you did not receive an email then I'm afraid you cannot play in the beta.


How do I see the closed beta forum?


For those with a code to the closed beta please follow these instructions to gain access to the beta forums:


- Download the beta

- Log out of the forums once you've started the game

- Log back in and you should see the beta forums at the top of the categories page.


My PS4 download is having problems


There is a possibility that the beta download may become corrupt if the PS4 enters rest/sleep mode.


Here's what to do:


1. You should not enter rest mode by pressing the power button on the system or by pressing the PS button on the controller and selecting rest mode


2. You should ensure your Power Save settings(Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off > General(Applications)) allow sufficient time for the download to complete or is set to Do Not Turn Off


3. If the issue is encountered, hold the power button on the system until it turns off(do not tap it) then turn it back on


Can I change the console for my beta code?

Sorry, you can not change the console for your beta code.