FIFA 16 Career Mode Fixes

fut16coin Date: Jun/29/15 23:36:19 Views: 20

FIFA 16 Career Mode


FIFA's Manager Mode has seen many improvements over the years. Additions like the Youth Academy, the ability to manage a National side and Global Scouting Network have all contributed to the best season experience outside of Football Manager. While these additions have been a huge hit with the community, they are not without their flaws. Whether it is unrealistic Board expectations, a flawed progression system or the interesting transfer logic, the mode still has significant room for improvement, we have posted some of my FIFA 16 career mode wish list before.


One of the main areas in which Manager Mode can improve is the Youth Academy. Young prospects too frequently come into the system with flawed physical stats or physical characteristics that don't match their position (i.e. 6-foot-3 wingers or 5-foot-6 center backs). Speaking of positions, youth products are position locked, which means that your young Gareth Bale cannot make the transition from left back to full-out attack without running the risk of missing out on key development points. Far too many below-average athletes enter the youth team creating the dilemma of, "do I play the technically skilled but below average player or the better athlete whose left leg is only for standing?" There needs to be more happy mediums when it comes to skills vs physical traits. Player progression needs to be balanced throughout the year, forcing the manager to make key decisions year-around and not just after May 1.


Disabling the first transfer window was a key addition a few years back and allowed players to at least play a half-season before the CPU went crazy in the Transfer Market. While it's good that the CPU actively wheels and deals in the summer months/January, some of the moves can quickly spiral out of control. Aside from the usual Aguero to Real Madrid and Benzema to Arsenal stuff, the CPU too frequently stockpiles players at the same position. I have personally seen Real Madrid with keepers Manuel Neur, Iker Casillas and David Da Gea. No club, not even Real Madrid, would keep that many high-profile keepers (and wage earners) on the books for even a year.


Board expectations can be downright brutal at times, leading many of us to call for the ability to turn off firing. While the expectations can be realistic at top clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea, those of us who like to take middle-of-the-pack sides would like to be given the time to build your club as you see fit. Objectives should be prioritized because clubs like Sunderland only have one mission in real life: avoid relegation. If you achieve mid-table success with Sunderland, the board should be willing to overlook your early exit from either the FA or Capital One Cups. Conversely, if you're a club like Chelsea the ultimate prize should be the Champions League (European Cup in the game) trophy. On top of that, a Top 4 finish with a deep run in Europe should have you safe for a few years.


Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the issue with CPU squad rotations. I have played Manchester United close to 10 times in Manager Mode and can only recall seeing David Da Gea start two or three times. Our posters here in the FIFA forum have been quick to point out the issue regarding stamina being the main culprit for overly rotated squads. Perhaps a deeper look at the stamina ratings by EA Canada is required.