FIFA 16 Bugs, Glitches and Fails

fut16coin Date: May/30/16 22:04:11 Views: 55

Almost every game has the inevitable bug, so whenever a new game release, players will always find some dumbfounding bugs in gameplay. Then countless gifs and youtube videos inevitably spring up all over the internet showing a long laundry list of humorous gameplay bugs that supposedly riddle the game. 


FIFA 16 is the most anticipated game of the year for all soccer gamers, has been out for 8 months now. Still, this FIFA 16 also has some bugs and other "fails" on the screen (bad collisions between players, the bodies of players deform ...) faced by people on YouTube. GameSprout has compiled some in the video on Youtube. Let's take a look of this absurd moments in FIFA 16:


fifa16 bugs


FIFA 16 FAIL Compilation-FIFA 16 Bugs/Glitches


fifa16 bug


There are some dodgy bugs that pop up now and again, they're rarely ever more than superficial one-offs. Somewhere between Bug, absurdities and simply funny game trains - here are our favorite "what happens there just moments" from FIFA 16. Everybody knows it: when you are enjoying a round of game on FIFA and suddenly the craziest scenes take place on the screen, sometimes we can take this as a special fun from the game, but sometimes it is annoying to some players. When FIFA 17 in the coming months is as much with this problem in FIFA, we can determine on the most fail moments from the current version next year. Also we do hope EA Sports can brings us more perfect gaming experience. 


With that in mind, we're going to finally give EA a little credit for how much they actually achieve in moving the genre forward little by little every single year. And we hope these bugs can be fixed in FIFA 17.