FIFA 16 and Women's Football Are Eager to Go Together

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During the planning and development of FIFA 16 are in full swing, will revolutionize the game online petition! The signatories want to bring EA Sports to accommodate women's football in the Game!

FIFA 16 and women's football? They go together? To date, the developers of EA Sports have expressed to remain cautious. In a statement it said that you would think at corresponding claims by customers via an integration of women's football.

This is exactly what now reach the journalist and YouTuber Michael Schulze of Glaßer. He has started a petition calling for women's football in video games. Even for FIFA 16 he wants to achieve his goal. The petition can be found on the Internet at I found until now were over 2551 supporters. What is needed, however 20,000!

Still not exist on Michael Schulze of Glaßer! He wants to revolutionize FIFA 16! "The German Football Association now has over one million women and girls to its members. It would not be enough simply to draw female models over the existing game characters. Women's football is tactically different from men's football, it would own motion capture recordings take place, reproduced, known footballers in the game and licenses are acquired, "reads the petition.

The collected signatures will be presented after the petition in December 2014 EA Sports. Then you will see, then, whether in FIFA 16 soon Frauen. football is to see!


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Work on FIFA 16 will run for a long time already, which confirmed Peter Moore EA Sports in an interview with the magazine "CVG". "There are two phases in the development. There is the core game. This is the work here with us several hundred people. And there is a staggered process, so that even some people are already working on FIFA 16, "he said.

But not only in FIFA 16, FIFA 17 will also have to sit the developers! "It has been parallel developments where there is a pioneer who think about what will make FIFA 16 – and in some areas even FIFA 17 For there are some decisions regarding the development and the technology that must be met," it described Moore.

FIFA 16 enjoys thus already at EA Sports is a high priority. "I think some people have a misconception. They think that the entire team after the completion of a game takes two weeks holiday before it starts to work on the next game. As it does not work that, "Moore said.