Could a loot system work in FUT 16?

fut16coin Date: Jul/03/15 21:33:49 Views: 19

Something that's been a big success in recent games such as Advanced Warfare has been the MMO loot system, where players receive items, gear or enhancements depending on the time spent playing a game or the performance of a player in a match. Have you ever thought of whether it could work in Ultimate Team? 


My suggestion is as follows: 


Firstly, I would add the popular idea of Bronze and Silver seasons to allow more diversity and encourage people to use lesser players, which also increases the value of silver and bronze packs (better for both parties). Following this, I suggest that a loot system be introduced into FUT, for example: 


Bronze Division Draw/Win - 1 random NR/Rare Bronze Player after game 

Silver Divison Draw/Win - 1 random NR/Rare Silver Player after game 

Gold Division Draw/Win - 1 random NR/Rare Gold Player after game 


The rarity of the player depends on your match result, draw = non rare player and gold = rare player. This could incentivize playing games in FUT and also help people to build squads. There was a similar system in FUTWC, where you would get a 1 player pack for simply playing a match. 


What are your thoughts on such a system being added to UT? Would it be too niche for the FUT system? I personally think that FUT has become far too play to win based and there needs to be something to help people gain players. If the player rewards were tradeable it would also help control inflation.