Analysis on whether you should buy the ultimate edition of FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Jun/24/15 21:45:33 Views: 21

Obviously the biggest con to buying the ultimate edition of FIFA 16 is that you get these packs once a week, rather than all at once in the beginning of FIFA 16 (or when you want them, like during a good TOTW or TOTY).


Let's break this down more mathematically (nothing too insane):


You're paying an extra $40 for 40, 15K packs. Each of these packs is 300 FIFA points, totaling 300 x 40 = 12000 FIFA points. This very nicely translates into $100 (not counting EA ticket).


Another thing we must consider is players' prices over the course of FUT. It's a reasonable assumption that players' prices should decrease over time -- especially within the first month of two of FIFA 16.


For simplicity's sake, let's say that player prices decrease two to fourfold over the course of the beginning of FIFA 16 to the end of 40 weeks (when your packs end). A player that sells for 4k at the beginning of FIFA 16 might sell for 1k by the time your 40 packs run out. Contracts might also be higher, as well as consumables, etc... I think it's a fair assumption for some quick math. Also, I'm assuming that two 7.5k packs are roughly equivalent to a 15k pack and will treat buying two 7.5k packs as the same for now (I know, I know, the extra rare, but this is not meant to be super exact).


Let's also assume that your packs average out to 7k at the beginning of FUT 16 (by pack I mean one 15k or two 7.5k's here). If you get all 40 packs with your $100 worth of FIFA points, you might snag ~250k worth of total items (remember, this is at the beginning of FIFA when a lot of "cheap" players are fairly expensive due to rarity). If you're adding up your packs over the course of 40 weeks, your packs would average out to around 4.5k per pack. This comes from your first packs being around 7k, your last packs being around 3-4k (discarding usually yields around that). So, all in all, after 40 weeks you would net around 180k.


HOWEVER, it's important to note that your 250k or so will come at the very beginning of FIFA, for you to potentially trade with and make more money with. If you buy a team with that money right away, the players will certainly depreciate, and you might be left with ~100k in a few month's time. The 180k is trickier, because your pack's coin worth will be able to buy roughly the same things as time ticks on (your players in packs will be less, but so will other players on the market). You also will have a lot less funding at the beginning of the game, since you're only allotted one a week.


Ultimately, is it worth spending $60 more at the beginning of FIFA, not buying the Ultimate Edition and buying 12000 FIFA Points, getting 80 7.5k packs right away? If you plan on playing FIFA a ton and want capital immediately to trade and make more money off of (and can restrain yourself from buying players who will surely drop in price), then yes. But for the average Ultimate Team player, the 15k packs with the Ultimate Team Edition should be just fine. An extra 5k or so a week will add up, as long as you're responsible with your Fifa coins.


With price ranges, anything could happen, yes, but players' prices should decrease over time. That should be a reasonable assumption.


TLDR: If you anticipate playing a lot and want to trade heavily (and want to spend money on the game), get regular edition + $100 FIFA points right away. If you can exercise patience and want a slight FUT boost without shelling out $100, stick with the Ultimate Team edition.


Thanks for reading, and I hope this made a little sense.