All the new FIFA 16 Features Explained

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FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play your way, and compete at a higher level. You'll have Confidence in Defending, take Control in Midfield, and you'll produce more Moments of Magic than ever before. Let's check the new FIFA 16 features, one by one.


Defensive Agility

Use 25 innovative feature changes to mobility and locomotion to track skilled players. Mobile defenders can close down space and change direction quickly using swing-step behaviour to stay with your opponent. You'll feel freedom of movement as you track runs and look to break up attacks.


Defend as a Unit

Defend together, win together. Rely on your team mates to cover gaps when you close down an attacker. New defensive AI gives players better awareness of dangerous space on the pitch relative to the ball and their opponent. Your team mates will track back to stop sophisticated attacking runs, and close down angles of attack.


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New Tackling Fundamentals

Get stuck in and win back the ball with new tackling mechanics and animations. All new slide, standing, and fake tackles make going in for the ball responsive, rewarding, and fun!


Interception Intelligence

Players anticipate passes and move to shut down options and close passing channels. Smarter team mates will look for space and allow more opportunities to build play through the midfield.


Passing with Purpose

A revolution in passing. FIFA 16 lets you play sharp, incisive passes so you can find team mates with precision. Using a new mechanic, ping driven ground passes to find team mates in tight spaces to open up your attacking options.


No Touch Dribbling

The best touch can be the one you don't take. Free yourself from the ball to buy time, create separation, feint, and blow by your defender just as Messi does when he is at his best – it's near limitless creativity on the ball.


Dynamic Crossing

Send that cross in! Authentic crosses let you find team mates with greater accuracy. Attacking players run onto and attack the ball with intent, making defences scramble as crosses are played behind the back line with vicious intent.


Clinical Finishing

Strike the ball right and finish like a pro. Better placement of the foot and ankle gives players variety in shooting and goals scored. You'll be able to feel where the ball is struck and adjust your approach for improved accuracy and power.


Compete at a Higher Level

Reach your potential with FIFA Trainer. Learn as you play with an optional graphic overlay that prompts you with game play options depending on your position on the pitch and trainer level. Basic commands get you started, while deeper hints will improve the game of the most skilled players.


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