A humble idea for FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Jun/17/15 21:26:16 Views: 16

It's clear that EA would prefer that players open packs (and buy fifa points) rather than buy FIFA 16 coins from coin sellers. I believe the key to encouraging this is to reward people who open packs in some way.

It seems they made a small attempt at this with FIFA 15's loyalty- if you pack a player, he will have 1 bonus permanent chemistry point. A good idea in principle, but buying a player and playing 10 games with him would provide the same bonus, so it is ultimately not very important. Pack the player or not, you get your loyalty chem.

My idea is simply to amplify that loyalty. If you pack a player, i suggest that player gains as much as 3 permanent loyalty. This bonus of 3 would not be available to a player once he hits the market- he can only have this bonus if he is being used by his first owner.

The effect of this, for us in the fut-crazy community of course, is flexibility. It's already relatively common to see wing players like marco reus or gareth bale played in striker positions with lowered chemistry. The punishment of lower-than-max chem is there, but it certainly isn't enough to stop the occasional player placed out of position. 

The flexibility this small 3 chem bonus would provide to FUT heads is huge- David Luiz at CDM? done. non inform David Silva playing centrally? done. I'm sure you guys have your own examples of how this could be implemented by FUT players.

Some, i'm sure, will argue that this is already possible. Youre right- Marco Reus has a lot of games at LF-> striker for me, and I haven't noticed any major drop off in his performance, but i'd love the flexibility to build unique teams with max chemistry with an amplified loyalty bonus.

Please let me know what you think! 

As a quick P.S another idea is to have unique position eligibility if you were to pack a player- Stock Lahm might be a CDM, with eligability to be played at RB if packed. Messi might have eligibility at RW even though his card is CF (or vice versa, we'll see how ea choose to treat him next year). An all-arounder like Alexis Sanchez might be RW stock, with eligibility at LW and even CF. ETC.