6 Suggestion for FIFA 16 Skills- Passing and Dribbling

fut16coin Date: Jul/04/15 23:50:26 Views: 23

We known the FIFA 16 will come soon, and everyone are looking forward to it. There are 6 animations FIFA 16 Skills before EA released their trailer you need get. The best FIFA 16 skills video was recorded by TheFifa11videos, who is the best FIFA youtuber for FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 skills and tutorial.



Ben Arfa Flick

Ben Arfa passing countless player use this skill in the game! The biggest role of this skill is in the case of 1 VS 1, and even if a failure, the ball still in your own feet, it is strongly recommend you use.


Bolasie Flick

This is a amazing skill, the most difficult of this skill is grasp the timing! If you passing failed, the ball will move to the opponent, so you can say this skill is a double edged sword.


Back Pass

This pass way is directly pass through the back, which will let opponents unexpected that can play the perfect fit!


La Croqveta

It is a good passing skill, but the dribbling larger span that make it difficult to distinguish the direction of your passing. This skill is more difficult you need to pay more practice in FIFA 16.


Iniesta Dribble

This action is temptation the rival defender out of the foot, then quickly dialed back the ball to break like the La Croqveta. Iniesta Dribble is a more difficult action you need more practice.


Chest Pass

Like the Back Pass, it makes the opponents unexpected! Unlike the Back Pass, this is pass with your chest.