10 Issues With Arsenal FIFA 17 Leaked Player Ratings

fut16coin Date: Aug/23/16 02:29:19 Views: 32

All of the FIFA 17 player ratings have supposedly been leaked and Arsenal fans should be absolutely livid at the ranks of debauchery.


we don't know for sure whether these 'leaked' player ratings are real or not. In the past they have been, but these ones seem almost too unbelievable to be true. Let's get started with the outrage and hope that these ratings are indeed fake.


10. Gabriel 78 > Hector Bellerin 77

As mentioned before, Hector Bellerin's 77 rating takes the absolute debauchery cake, with Laurent Koscielny in a close second place. The first big gripe I have with these ratings is the only in-house gripe on the list. Gabriel Paulista maintained his 78 rating while Bellerin, arguably the best right back in the world, is only a 77. Gabriel is a great player, but it is clear that FIFA factors injuries into their ratings, as Ramsey and Wilshere keep losing rankings despite not deserving it. So why is Bellerin still one of the poorer players on the team when Gabriel hasn't even had a full season yet?


9. Alex Iwobi: 69

Alex Iwobi had a massive impact coming on for Arsenal last year, and an impact that no one expected. He made that 55 rating in FIFA 16 look downright stupid and poorly researched. But he plays for Arsenal, so it's not like FIFA was breaking their buns making sure they rated everyone properly. Any rating in the mid to low 70s would have been acceptable, but they couldn't even do that. They gave him a 69. To put this in perspective, both of Manchester United's youngsters (the official youngster's of FIFA 17), Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard, ranked in the high 70s.


The lad had a fantastic second half of the season, he scored goals, he assisted and he looked intelligent and direct. In short, he looked like a Premier League quality player and he began this year looking similar. He already grabbed an assist, but suffered an injury as well.


8. Hector Bellerin 77 = Alberto Moreno 77

Moreno has a lot of potential, as well as present day talent. A 77 is a fair rating to him. He emerged on the scene last year, was in and out of the squad, but mostly made himself a pretty useful member of Liverpool's attack and defense.


He even contributed a goal and four assists. He was tied for third most man of the match performances and he is merely 24 years old. You can bet that his growth rate and future potential is right up there with the best.


But it is surprising that Bellerin is equal to Moreno. Bellerin played 800 more minutes, had a much bigger impact, is faster, more composed, less prone to mistakes and he's three years Moreno's younger. Yet according to EA Sports, they are each other's equal. 


7. Toby Alderweireld 84 = Laurent Koscielny 84

Toby Alderweireld is a class defender and one that could benefit any back line. He has made such an impact on Tottenham and solidified himself as one of the better defenders in England. His composure and all-around athletic ability make him an asset and his health and fitness only boost that.


But he is not on the same level as Laurent Koscielny. Koscielny is one of the best in the world. He has been referred to by Rio Ferdinand as the best defender in England and, despite injury concerns, he is always a rock at the back. His interception numbers are among the best in the world and when his center back partner is always a question mark, babysitting roles often fall onto the aptly named Bosscielny.


Yet for the past three FIFA installments, Koscielny has not gotten any better as defenders around him have improved. It's as if he is being punished for Arsenal's defensive woes when it is by no means his fault if his partner is inadequate.


6. Clyne 80 > Bellerin 77

Nathaniel Clyne did not have a good year last year. Only three assists and not the most consistent game time. It just wasn't all that great. His athleticism and speed was always on display, but the 25 year old just hadn't improved much and, if anything, he had gotten worse.


Yet according to FIFA, he is a full three points better than Bellerin.


5. Darmian 81 > Bellerin 77

Matteo Darmian? Seriously. One year in England, 1900 minutes and a goal. That's all the right back has to show for it. He's a good tackler, sure, but the cold shoulder that Jose Mourinho has given him as he tries to sell the Italian should be all you need to know. He wasn't even good enough to keep his place on the team, yet to EA Sports, he was good enough to be ranked.


4. Daniel Sturridge 83 > Olivier Giroud 82

Olivier Giroud doesn't score enough goals to hold a higher rating. Knock downs, flick ons, hold ups and just being a presence are not ratings within the game, despite the fact that no one does them better than Giroud. As Martin Keown stated, he was one of the best strikers at the Euros, fighting through the hate to emerge as a constant force that few could solve.


But Daniel Sturridge is better. The man who has an even poorer injury record than Jack Wilshere.


3. Philippe Coutinho 83 > Aaron Ramsey 82

Aaron Ramsey is another FIFA bugaboo. The man is an absolute world class midfielder when allowed to play his game and he showed that at the Euros. He was the heart of a Welsh effort that was magical to behold. And while Ramsey has never returned to that 2013/14 form, he has had solid numbers throughout.


In fact, he had outscored and out-assisted Coutinho every single year except last year. Which almost certainly means that Coutinho is the superior.


And now, he's not getting any better as Coutinho is. What is this nonsense? Coutinho is nowhere near the passer, engine or defender that Ramsey is, nor does he have as good of a shot. The only thing he has is a better touch and Ramsey is no slouch in that department. Plus, Coutinho is a major ghost. A minute of brilliance is followed by 30 minutes of disappearing.


2. Chris Smalling 85 > Laurent Koscielny 84

Chris Smalling has his qualities and I think he is a decent enough defender. But in no way, shape, form or idea is he an 85. The man isn't anywhere near one of the best in the world and that is what FIFA are apparently tagging him as.


His defensive numbers pale when put up next to Koscielny, as does his overall impact. No defender in England has to do more than Koscielny does. This is just a simple case of the favoritism double-whammy. Not only is Chris Smalling the official center back of FIFA 17, he is also an Englishman. That earned him another four points in in-game rating. All earned by his blood and the shirt he wears. How's that for justice?


1. Eden Hazard 89 > Mesut Ozil 88

For starters, think of it from this point of view: few players were worse than Hazard last year. He scored four goals and three assists, arguably the worst follow up campaign ever. He was simply terrible. Yet his rating improved after the worst follow up campaign ever.


Meanwhile, Aaron Ramsey, who's 2013/14 numbers earned him a whole point, put up much better numbers in his follow up campaign than Hazard did, yet Ramsey was deducted a point that he has yet to get back.


Meanwhile, Mesut Ozil scores more goals than Hazard and 16 more assists (no big deal) and he improves as much as Hazard and is still rated worse than him.