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  • FIFA 17 Player Ratings: Top 20 J-League 09/18/2016
    As J-League is the new league added to FIFA 17 leagues, there is a must to know relevant information about this league. In this page, top 20 players for J-League will displayed, which EA have revealed via official site.
  • FIFA 17 Player Ratings: Top 10 Free Kick Takers Revealed 09/17/2016
    It's less than two weeks before EA's latest installment - FIFA 17 is released. From club-wise player ratings to the best players in each skill, which are revealed by EA. Now let's turn our attention to top 10 free kick takers released on EA's official site.
  • FIFA 17 EA Access Set for Xbox One and PC 09/14/2016
    FIFA 17 is releasing on consoles and PC on September 27 in North America. The rest of the world will get to experience the game on September 29. But don't worry, you can play first for FIFA 17 EA access for Xbox One and PC is released on 22nd, September before the final release.
  • FIFA 17 Top 10 Shooters Revealed 09/13/2016
    With FIFA 17 getting nearer, fans are also getting excited. Thus EA have released ratings of players from time to time to satisfy fans' curiosity. As we know the only purpose of a football or soccer game is to obtain goals, so in this page, top 10 shooters revealed by EA will be listed.
  • FIFA 17 Web App Launch Date and Why 09/12/2016
    FIFA 17 demo will be released on September, while for FIFA 17 web app, it will probably be launched from 14th to 18th. Of course, it's just prediction. So here we will list several reasons to explain why it is released on that date.
  • FIFA 17 Player Ratings: Most Physical and Strongest Players 09/10/2016
    Strength and physicality are two principle to judge how a player's rating is rated. As EA have been revealed the top 10 strongest and physical players, and 5 Premier League players are featuring in FIFA 17.
  • FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Wishlist: How can it be great again 09/09/2016
    Someone complains that FUT is becoming boring, before the fact is that this mode is very competitive and exciting. Now FIFA points may be the major reason to make this mode into gambling mode.
  • FIFA 17 Players Rating: Top 20 from Italian League Serie A 09/07/2016
    As EA Sports have released top 20 from Serie A on their official site, despite EA company fails to secure license for this league. Here let's check the complete list of top 20 players ratings from this league with their names to see what they really get this year.
  • FIFA 17 Top 10 Highest Rated Players Revealed 09/07/2016
    Few days ago, EA Sports revealed top 50 players ratings for FIFA 17 ultimate team. And the results show that for the first time in seven years, Messi is not the number one. This year, Ronaldo is the number one, with Messi and Naymar following, they are the top 3. Here let's check top 10 highest rated players.
  • 10 Best Strikers Revealed in FIFA 17 09/06/2016
    Since top 50 players ratings for FIFA 17 ultimate team have been revealed, that the rating becomes topic which fans like to discuss. At the same time, player data shows physical attributes of every player. And from the index of tha data indicates which aspect they are good at. So here we pick out 10 highest rated strikers.
  • FIFA 17 Top 3 Rated Players: Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar 09/03/2016
    EA has released the top three FIFA 17 players in its ongoing list of the Top 50 ranked players in the game, and Cristiano Ronaldo is now on top of the pile, with Messi and Neymar following.
  • FIFA 17 Top 50 Players Ratings: Players in Positions 10-4 Revealed 09/02/2016
    The inevitable march towards FIFA 17's absolute best players continues today, as EA releases details on those in positions 10 to 4 on the list. All six of the players revealed today have ratings ranging from 90 to 92.
  • FIFA 17 Top 50 Players Ratings: Players in Positions 20-11 Revealed 09/01/2016
    EA continue to fill out the list of Top 50 players in the upcoming FIFA 17. As we saw players in positions 30-21 revealed yesterday, today we'll take a look at the 20-11 players ratings. Everybody in the 20-11 range is rated either 88 or 89.
  • FIFA 17 Top 50 Players Ratings: Players in Positions 30-21 Revealed 08/31/2016
    EA are doing FIFA 17 Top 50 player ranking chart this week. They revealed positions 50-31 yesterday, with today's unveil covering the players in positions 30-21 in the list. Those ranked between 30-21 all have overall ratings of 88.
  • FIFA 17 Players Ratings: 20 Players in Positions 50-31 Revealed 08/30/2016
    The FIFA 17 site is doing a run-down of the Top 50 ranked players in the upcoming game, complete with Ultimate Team card images. Based on their performances over the previous year in league and cup competitions, the twenty players in positions 50-31 have been revealed.
  • How to Start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team without Buying FIFA Points 08/30/2016
    FIFA points is impotant when you play the game. In this artice, I will conclude some ways to start FUT 17 without buying FIFA points, of course, most are from game players' experience of the previous version of FIFA game.
  • FIFA 17 Rating: How Middlesbrough are Rated and Line up 08/27/2016
    These are the very underwhelming ratings that Middlesbrough players have received on the FIFA 17 Beta version. Of course, these probably won't be the final ratings before the full release of the game. This page will see the changes in their ratings.
  • West Ham's Stunning New London Stadium Revealed on FIFA 17 08/26/2016
    The FIFA 17 release date is weeks away and EA Sports has just released the first amzing shots of West Ham's new London Stadium. And two West Ham players think it's great.
  • FIFA 17 Ratings: Top Ranked Premier League Players 08/25/2016
    As FIFA fans get excited all the 'leaked' team and player ratings as well as the unbelievable graphics and new features, they can now fiercely debate the top ranked Premier Leagues players. Here's the list of top ranked players in the Premier League.
  • FIFA 17 Ratings: What ratings Premier League new players deserve 08/25/2016
    After a big summer signing, new players have come to Premier League with unknown FIFA 17 ratings. In this page, we'll take a look at these new faces and you judge the ratings.
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