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  • FIFA 17 Troubleshooting Issues and Fixes 10/15/2016
    FIFA 17 has been released for a while. Even though some people are enjoying the game, and also there are some people complaining the troublesome issues. In this page, we listed the issues and solutions to fix.
  • FIFA 17 Team of the Week 4 10/13/2016
    EA has revealed FIFA 17 TOTW 4 squad. FIFA 17 TOTW 4 informs will be available in FIFA packs from 6pm, October 12th until 5.45pm UK time, October 19th.
  • FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges: Seven Club Challenge Tips 10/12/2016
    The new squad building challenge is live, which is Seven Club Challenge. You will win free FIFA coins and one all players pack by complete FIFA 17 seven club challenge from October 9 to October 12.
  • Tips and Tricks to Win in FIFA 17 10/12/2016
    Now game players must be spending lots of time playing the FIFA 17 game, thus here we offer you tips to help you win in FIFA 17, which are aimed to remind of you something in the game and what you should notice.
  • FIFA 17 Ratings: Top 25 Hidden Gems 10/10/2016
    Before EA has revealed a list of U-21 hidden gems, and fans would like to see which players have the potential among the young players after the summer transfer. Here we list top 25 hidden gems who are worth signing.
  • FIFA 17 Guide to Defend, Attack and Score Goals 10/09/2016
    FIFA 17 now is released and gains a big hit. Most players must think how to win and how to play in FIFA 17. Today a guide is given to instruct you to defend, attack and win scores.
  • FIFA 17 Top 10 Underrated Premier League Players 10/07/2016
    FIFA 17 now is released and is on the topic. Although we have known player ratings, there are still young talents whose ratings are little associated with their actual abilities in the reality. Let's check the top 10 underrated Premier League Players.
  • FIFA 17 Review: Succeed with The Journey 10/07/2016
    We know FIFA 17 has gone through several changes this year, especially The Journey gains a big hit. FIFA 17 has already been released. Now let's take a review.
  • FIFA 17 TOTW Prediction - Week 3 10/05/2016
    The FIFA Ultimate Team of the week (TOTW) released by EA to present players who have played well the previous week. Let's see the week 3 prediction for the new FIFA 17 season.
  • FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Ways to Make FUT Coins 09/30/2016
    Making coins in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is vitally important. In this page we introduce you several ways to help you earn FUT coins and some things you need to care about.
  • What You Need to Know about FIFA 17 The Journey 09/30/2016
    As we all know that The Journey is new addition to FIFA 17, here are questions and answers about The Journey, so you can know something else before you start to play.
  • How FIFA 17 Player Ratings are Worked out 09/28/2016
    Player ratings revealed by EA have always triggered hot discussion among game players. So how does EA work out FIFA 17 player ratings? EA Sports producer Michael Mueller-Moehring's insight into the process of establishing ratings is mentioned in this article.
  • Attacking and Defending Tips for FIFA 17 09/27/2016
    Attacking and defending skills are vitally important in playing FIFA 17, as FIFA 17 is an intricate game, with several mechanics working together, so you need to practice, refine your skills. So here are attacking and defending tips to help you improve your skills for FIFA 17.
  • Tips to Play FIFA 17 Early Access on more than One Account 09/26/2016
    People reflected on youtube and twitter that, they were trying to play on another account with EA access after their 10 hour trial has expired. So in this page, the suggestion from reddit user is provided to help you.
  • FIFA 17 Companion App Guide 09/24/2016
    FIFA 17 Companion App is now released for IOS and Android. FUT 17 Companion app features Squad Building Challenges, Squad Management, Club, Store, Your Squads and the Transfer Market.
  • FIFA 17 Points Transfer Guide 09/23/2016
    FIFA Points are in-game currency to coins and enable you to purchase FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts (300 points). And EA has stated the transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 on EA help website.
  • 5 Things Not to Do when Trading on FIFA 17 Web App 09/22/2016
    The FIFA 17 Web App is a way for Ultimate Team players to tweak and customize their teams on their phones and/or laptops. Now Web App is out and available to download. There is a list of 5 things you should keep in mind when you begin to trade.
  • FIFA 17 TOTW Prediction: Week 1 09/21/2016
    The FIFA Ultimate Team of the week (TOTW) released by EA to present players who have played well the previous week. Let's see the week 1 prediction for the new FIFA 17 season.
  • What You Need to Know about FIFA 17 Web App 09/20/2016
    FIFA 17 Web App is expected to be released on September 20th. In this page, what the usage of Web App and some points you need pay attention will be talked about.
  • Tips to Start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team 09/20/2016
    FIFA 17 Ultimate Team web app is going to be released. Here are some tips concluded from EA Sports forum to help you start FUT.
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