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  • FIFA 17 Hit the Links Squad Builder Challenge 12/04/2016
    Solve "Hit the Links" challenge with a mix of leagues and nations to get Gold Players Premium Pack x 1& 2,000 coins, what you should care about is the links.
  • FIFA 17 Legends Nations Squad Building Challenge 12/02/2016
    Now Legends Nations squad building challenge is live. When you solve this challenge with players from different nations, you can get an untradeable legends kit and Premium Gold Pack x 1.
  • FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups Squad Builder Week 10 12/02/2016
    The new round of FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups squad building challenges are live. Complete the challenges (only 3 this time) to win a Draft Token Pack x 1.
  • FIFA 17 Team of the Week 11 11/30/2016
    TOTW 11 has been officially revealed. FIFA 17 TOTW 11 informs will be available in FIFA packs from 6pm, November 30th until 5.45pm UK time, December 7th, 2016.
  • FIFA 17 Best CAM Options in Calcio A 11/30/2016
    Calcio A is also a great league that game players like to pick players from. Here are suggestions (several options) for choosing a best CAM in Calcio A.
  • Lone Striker Formations in FUT 17 Champions 11/29/2016
    Here lone striker formations for FUT Champions are introduced, including 4141 formation and 4231(1) formation.
  • FIFA 17 Cyber Monday Guide 11/27/2016
    Cyber Monday is on Nov.28th this year. On that day there will be released packs for every hour during the 24 hours, and also the flash SBC. The promotion will start at 2pm (UK time), end at 29th, 2pm (UK time).
  • FIFA 17 Flash SBC Investment Options 11/25/2016
    EA have revealed there will be several offers for the Black Friday, which includes Lightning rounds, Flash SBCs, special pack offers and more.
  • FIFA 17 New Marquee Matchups SBC 11/24/2016
    You are to finish challenges with clubs from this week's key matchups before time expires (3 days). This challenges include 4 challenges.Once you've completed all challenges, you are able to get Premium Gold Jumbo Pack x 1.
  • Black Friday Promotion Details: 5% OFF 11/23/2016
    For this year's Black Friday, we decided to offer a 5% coupon code for all products. You can get 5% discount at checkout with the code "BFFUT".
  • FIFA 17 Team of the Week 10 11/23/2016
    EA officially revealed the TOTW 10, and SIF Ronaldo features in. FIFA 17 TOTW 10 informs will be available in FIFA packs from 6pm, November 23rd until 5.45pm UK time, November 30th, 2016.
  • FIFA 17 Techniques to Cut in from the Wing 11/23/2016
    Effective techniques or skill moves to cut in from the wing can create more space for you to cross. So what kind of skill moves or techniques you think will effectively assist your wing play?
  • FIFA 17 Blaise Matuidi Squad Builder Challenge 11/21/2016
    The new Blaise Matuidi is live. If you complete the challenge, you can earn a 87 rated Blaise Matuidi Movember Item on Loan (20 matches).
  • FIFA 17 Best Time for OTW Investment 11/21/2016
    The market crash started, and the price of these cards are falling. The weekend games are looming around the corner, it would be the perfect opportunity to snag up some of these cards.
  • FIFA 17 Allsvenskan POTY SBC 11/17/2016
    Now FIFA 17 Allsvenskan POTY SBC is live, you can complete this challenge featuring Andreas Johansson for a special Award Winner version (untradeable).
  • FIFA 17 Team of the Week 9 11/16/2016
    EA have announced the 9th TOTW, in which big stars like Neymar, Payet, etc are featured. All informs will be available in FIFA packs from 6pm, November 16th until 5.45pm UK time, November 23rd, 2016.
  • FIFA 17 Ibrahimović Squad Builder Challenge 11/16/2016
    The new Ibrahimović squad builder challenge is live. When you solve this challenge, you can earn a Ibrahimović Movember Item on Loan (15 matches).
  • FIFA 17 Best Defensive Tips 11/15/2016
    As you guys know that the defensive skills are as important as attacking in the game, so here are some defensive tips to help you.
  • FIFA 17 Second Update Now Available on PC 11/12/2016
    EA has announced a second update, which now is available on PC only. The update will be available on PS4 and Xbox One on next week. It is confirmed that the patch size is more than 1 GB.
  • FIFA 17 Bronze Packing Method for PC Users 11/11/2016
    There are always discussions about whether Bronze Packing is worth or not. So for PC users, here are ways to let you make profit in bronze packs.
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