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  • North American Soccer League is Canceled in FIFA 16 05/22/2015
    EA Sports has confirmed that one league has been ruled out completely for this year's FIFA 16 video game. North American Soccer League is canceled in FIFA 16
  • Who Deserves to be Upgraded in FIFA 16? 05/22/2015
    With FIFA 16 surely coming around September this year, fans are expressing their views on which players should be upgraded for this year's instalment.
  • The 5 Biggest (Realistic) Fixes for FIFA 16 05/21/2015
    Fix several broken player control functions; Manual Switching; Goalkeeper control and AI; Long shot balance; Improve player 1st touch
  • The FIFA 16 Stadiums Thread 05/21/2015
    The Fifa 16 Stadiums Thread will be about current and new stadiums for Fifa 16. We can discuss what stadiums ea should add.
  • FIFA 16 Requests 05/20/2015
    I'm from South Africa and for a while I have asked for the South African Premier League to be added. but for now I have some requests for FIFA 16.
  • EA Sports Wants The UEFA License For FIFA 16 05/20/2015
    According to International Business Times, EA Sports is vying for the licenses that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) once held for the upcoming FIFA 16.
  • FIFA 16 Wishlist - 10 Things I'd Like To See 05/19/2015
    So as I've seen a few people start to share their ideas for FIFA 16, I've come up with a few ideas which I'd love to see featured in the next FIFA.
  • FIFA 16 or Future FIFA Suggestions 05/19/2015
    Here are some ideas about FIFA 16 or Future FIFA. If you agree or have other things you want to add anything please say it below!
  • FIFA 16 Pro Clubs Wish List 05/18/2015
    Everyone seems to have the right ideas. I think the most important thing is for us to try and figure out a way to get lists like these in the eyes of the devs who work on Pro Clubs.
  • The Best Ideas for FIFA 16 Manager Mode 05/18/2015
    After I read a lot of ideas on the forums about the upcoming Fifa 16 Manager Mode, I will write here the best ideas I've read about.
  • Genuinely Good Idea for FIFA 16 05/16/2015
    Don't play CM, tried it before but got boring, I do feel as if I should give it more of a chance though and I agree it is unfair how this game mode seems to be ignored (and Pro Clubs) in favour of UT so often.
  • FIFA 16 Release Date 05/16/2015
    When it will be possible to play FIFA 16 ? We show you the expected FIFA 16 release date, including the demo, the Season Ticket and the FUT 16 for mobile.
  • FIFA 16 Career Mode Wish List 05/14/2015
    My Wish List is finally here. These are the things you want to see most in FIFA 16's Career Mode.
  • FIFA 16 Pre-Order Page Now On Amazon Italy 05/14/2015
    Amazon Italy put a pre-order page for PES 2016. The online retailer has done the same thing for EA Sports' FIFA 16 video game too.
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