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  • FIFA 16 Expected Features and Improvements 05/25/2015
    After a turmoil filled few months during which FUT 15 has hogged the community limelight, it’s easy to forget that right now, (yes now) we are potentially right on the cusp of the grand unveiling of FIFA 16.
  • Maradona, Baggio And Romario For FIFA 16 FUT Legends Release 05/25/2015
    Sources close to the hit franchise told Full FIFA that among some the expected names are Brazilian legends Romario, Robert Baggio, English legend David Beckham, and Diego Maradona.
  • FIFA 16- Our Team Ratings Prediction 05/23/2015
    Since the season is almost reaching it's end, here are my predictions for the next installment of FIFA. Feel free to point out any errors. What are your predictions?
  • My Greatest Wish for FIFA 16 05/23/2015
    My wish for FIFA 16 is that they don't waste time and resources adding useless new "features" to the game like emotional intelligence and the ability to see individual blades of grass.
  • North American Soccer League is Canceled in FIFA 16 05/22/2015
    EA Sports has confirmed that one league has been ruled out completely for this year's FIFA 16 video game. North American Soccer League is canceled in FIFA 16
  • Who Deserves to be Upgraded in FIFA 16? 05/22/2015
    With FIFA 16 surely coming around September this year, fans are expressing their views on which players should be upgraded for this year's instalment.
  • The 5 Biggest (Realistic) Fixes for FIFA 16 05/21/2015
    Fix several broken player control functions; Manual Switching; Goalkeeper control and AI; Long shot balance; Improve player 1st touch
  • The FIFA 16 Stadiums Thread 05/21/2015
    The Fifa 16 Stadiums Thread will be about current and new stadiums for Fifa 16. We can discuss what stadiums ea should add.
  • FIFA 16 Requests 05/20/2015
    I'm from South Africa and for a while I have asked for the South African Premier League to be added. but for now I have some requests for FIFA 16.
  • EA Sports Wants The UEFA License For FIFA 16 05/20/2015
    According to International Business Times, EA Sports is vying for the licenses that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) once held for the upcoming FIFA 16.
  • FIFA 16 Wishlist - 10 Things I'd Like To See 05/19/2015
    So as I've seen a few people start to share their ideas for FIFA 16, I've come up with a few ideas which I'd love to see featured in the next FIFA.
  • FIFA 16 or Future FIFA Suggestions 05/19/2015
    Here are some ideas about FIFA 16 or Future FIFA. If you agree or have other things you want to add anything please say it below!
  • FIFA 16 Pro Clubs Wish List 05/18/2015
    Everyone seems to have the right ideas. I think the most important thing is for us to try and figure out a way to get lists like these in the eyes of the devs who work on Pro Clubs.
  • The Best Ideas for FIFA 16 Manager Mode 05/18/2015
    After I read a lot of ideas on the forums about the upcoming Fifa 16 Manager Mode, I will write here the best ideas I've read about.
  • Genuinely Good Idea for FIFA 16 05/16/2015
    Don't play CM, tried it before but got boring, I do feel as if I should give it more of a chance though and I agree it is unfair how this game mode seems to be ignored (and Pro Clubs) in favour of UT so often.
  • FIFA 16 Release Date 05/16/2015
    When it will be possible to play FIFA 16 ? We show you the expected FIFA 16 release date, including the demo, the Season Ticket and the FUT 16 for mobile.
  • FIFA 16 Career Mode Wish List 05/14/2015
    My Wish List is finally here. These are the things you want to see most in FIFA 16's Career Mode.
  • FIFA 16 Pre-Order Page Now On Amazon Italy 05/14/2015
    Amazon Italy put a pre-order page for PES 2016. The online retailer has done the same thing for EA Sports' FIFA 16 video game too.
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