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  • Analysis on whether you should buy the ultimate edition of FIFA 16 06/24/2015
    Obviously the biggest con to buying the ultimate edition of FIFA 16 is that you get these packs once a week, rather than all at once in the beginning of FIFA 16.
  • First Look at FIFA Mobile 06/23/2015
    We take a very early look at this year's instalment of the evergreen footy franchise FIFA, which is now called simply FIFA Mobile.
  • FIFA 16 Compete at a Higher Level 06/22/2015
    For FIFA 16, we are including new and different ways to help fans achieve every level of success. This year, were going to make you a better player. If you are...
  • Falcao and Ibrahimovic Ratings/Expectations in FIFA 16 06/21/2015
    Just before i get into this, this is just pure expectations, i cant see the future, just for fun ladies! How them would finish the season!
  • All the new FIFA 16 Features Explained 06/19/2015
    FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play your way, and compete at a higher level.
  • FIFA 16 Mobile Petition 06/18/2015
    FIFA for Mobile has been among the top games in Different App Stores for years now and there is a very large user base and dedicated user-base.
  • A humble idea for FIFA 16 06/17/2015
    It's clear that EA would prefer that players open packs (and buy fifa points) rather than buy FIFA 16 coins from coin sellers. I believe the key to encouraging this is to reward people who open packs in some way.
  • FIFA 16 First Gameplay Details 06/16/2015
    Balance! balance! balance is the summary we get from the latest FIFA 16 first gameplay .Check the following features for our dreaming FIFA 16 pitch which has make true.
  • FIFA 16 Pre-Order Bonus Details 06/16/2015
    When FIFA 16 launches on September 22, EA are offering three different pre-order editions which features varying bonuses that cater to diverse group of FIFA fans.
  • FIFA 16 at E3 2015 06/13/2015
    Whilst we've recently had the news that women will feature in FIFA 16, next week it's E3, a time when we finally learn the direction EA are taking this year's game in and where their focus lies from a gameplay point of view.
  • FUT 16 Mobile Suggestions 06/12/2015
    My suggestions for FUT 16 (Android/iOS) Mobile, I hope that at least points one to three could become possible with being the most important the first one.
  • Do you agree with these changes for FUT 16 06/12/2015
    - Log more stats of all players in your club including the likes of 'pass completion, tackles, dribbles completed etc….'
  • FIFA 16 Now Available for Pre-Order 06/11/2015
    FIFA 16 is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon, Gamespot, Best Buy and other major online retailer. All the major site has announce the Pre-Order of FIFA 16 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • FIFA 16: New face shot sessions started 06/10/2015
    In less than four months, we can already start playing a digital game of football with FIFA 16. Since the game hasn't been officially announced yet, little details are available about the highly anticipated next instalment.
  • 5 reasons for EA make female players included in FIFA 16 06/09/2015
    May 28th, EA announced the inclusion of Women's National Teams to FIFA 16. There are 5 reasons why EA should include female players in FIFA 16:
  • FUT 16: New disconnection/DNF rule 06/08/2015
    Disconnecting from an FUT game is something common for all of us, whatever the reasons were but I believe all of us experience this from time to time.
  • PC-only title update (June 5th) 06/08/2015
    Disgruntled FIFA 15 PC gamers can now rest their hearts at ease. The June 5th title update, only for PC gamers, will address glitches with rewards.
  • Why price band is a brilliant idea for FUT 16? 06/06/2015
    FUT 16 probabilities IF price band stays & issues are fixed MUST READ
  • FIFA 16 vs Pro Evo 2016: Which game has the edge? 06/05/2015
    Like the eternal struggle between Arsenal and Tottenham, or between top teams and the financial fair play regulations, FIFA and Pro Evo have been continuously locked in a battle to be the best, most played football sim.
  • FIFA 16 Soundtrack Wishlist 06/04/2015
    Hey Friends, we came with a list of songs in which few can be placed in FIFA 16 though till know we don't have any official list but yes this one is the combinations fans songs list. Songs which fans want to be included in FIFA 16 game. Below is the soundtrack wishlist:
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