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  • 5 reasons for EA make female players included in FIFA 16 06/09/2015
    May 28th, EA announced the inclusion of Women's National Teams to FIFA 16. There are 5 reasons why EA should include female players in FIFA 16:
  • FUT 16: New disconnection/DNF rule 06/08/2015
    Disconnecting from an FUT game is something common for all of us, whatever the reasons were but I believe all of us experience this from time to time.
  • PC-only title update (June 5th) 06/08/2015
    Disgruntled FIFA 15 PC gamers can now rest their hearts at ease. The June 5th title update, only for PC gamers, will address glitches with rewards.
  • Why price band is a brilliant idea for FUT 16? 06/06/2015
    FUT 16 probabilities IF price band stays & issues are fixed MUST READ
  • FIFA 16 vs Pro Evo 2016: Which game has the edge? 06/05/2015
    Like the eternal struggle between Arsenal and Tottenham, or between top teams and the financial fair play regulations, FIFA and Pro Evo have been continuously locked in a battle to be the best, most played football sim.
  • FIFA 16 Soundtrack Wishlist 06/04/2015
    Hey Friends, we came with a list of songs in which few can be placed in FIFA 16 though till know we don't have any official list but yes this one is the combinations fans songs list. Songs which fans want to be included in FIFA 16 game. Below is the soundtrack wishlist:
  • Pack Sweetener Idea for FIFA 16 06/04/2015
    So I've been thinking of ways to make getting top players legitimately (read: no fifa coins buying/farming) more realistic and fun for FIFA 16, and I drew inspiration from an idea that Madden Ultimate Team incorporates into their pack bundles.
  • FIFA 16 Preview: More of the Same? 06/03/2015
    FIFA 15 was a joke. Maybe it wasn’t for you, but that’s what the majority of players in the FIFA community think. And not just them.
  • Some Internet Comments about FIFA 16 Adding Women 06/02/2015
    EA Games announced that FIFA 16, the next release in the soccer game franchise, will include women’s national teams. Here are some internet comments about FIFA 16 adding women:
  • Legend Team Idea for FIFA 16 06/02/2015
    So I was thinking last night about how the Legends work in FIFA and if im honest i think they are very underwhelming , now by underwhelming i dont mean there abilities in the game i mean that you are capable of using them for...
  • Will FIFA 16 be another trading fiasco? 06/01/2015
    Playing in division 7 i find myself merting opponents with teams worth 3-5 millions. it is hard to find teams without Aguero, Suarez, Neymar, Bale, Messi...
  • Please EA ...promote FULL MANUAL control in FIFA 16 06/01/2015
    If nothing is done to promote FULL MANUAL, it will lead to the decline of fifa...Yes i am a fierce supporter of Full manual. Playing semi assisted or worst full auto is giving me headache and coughing up blood...
  • FAQ about FIFA 16 Women's National Teams 05/31/2015
    FIFA fans will be able to choose from 12 Women's National Teams which can be used in a variety of modes such as Kick Off, Tournament Mode, and Friendlies. Women's National Teams will be available when FIFA 16 launches on September 22 in North America.
  • FIFA 16 won't be appearing on any Nintendo platforms 05/31/2015
    While last year's FIFA 15 was available for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, it looks like this year's iteration of the soccer game won't be going handheld. There's also no sign of a Wii or Wii U version.
  • FIFA 16: EA Sports Game to Feature Women for First Time 05/29/2015
    International women's teams will feature in football video game Fifa 2016 for the first time in its history.
  • Adding Female Teams To FIFA Is A Good Start, But 05/29/2015
    So EA has come out and announced the addition of 12 female international teams to FIFA 16, which is kinda awkward timing considering what's happening at FIFA right now.
  • FIFA 16 Price Range - FAQ 05/28/2015
    Price ranges can be a good thing but also a bad thing. Here a few just faqs from fans which may help u know the gameplay better .
  • Request to Make FIFA 16 or 17 Cross-Platform DX12 Ready 05/28/2015
    Now that Microsoft has made it extremely easy for developers to make cross-platform games using DX12 and Windows 10. I expect Fifa 16 or 17 to be a cross-platform experience.
  • FIFA 16 and Women's Football Are Eager to Go Together 05/27/2015
    During the planning and development of FIFA 16 are in full swing, will revolutionize the game online petition! The signatories want to bring EA Sports to accommodate women's football in the Game!
  • 6 Things PES 2016 Needs to Fix to Beat FIFA 16 05/27/2015
    PES 2015 was a colossal improvement on the mess that was PES 2014. Fans loved it, critics lavished praise on it, and for many football game fans it pipped EA’s FIFA 15 as the best football game of the year. PES is back on top and it needs to stay there.
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