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Please EA ...promote FULL MANUAL control in FIFA 16

If nothing is done to promote FULL MANUAL, it will lead to the decline of fifa...

Yes i am a fierce supporter of Full manual. Playing semi assisted or worst full auto is giving me headache and coughing up blood...

Yes manual is difficult to master... but not so much in fact... and rewards you fairly easily.

Yes it can be frustrating not being able to hide behind silly excuses when we miss a pass or a shot.... how exciting it is to succeed a pass into the back of defense or an amazing shot and say that this is the result of your only dexterity and not of computer's whim...

This is the only way you can consider the game being close to real soccer:

1/ analyze situation
2/ making choices corresponding to the situation
3/ render with your body what your mind analyzed and decided
4/ analyze the result: how good/bad was it, why you failed/succeed and how you can improve or repeat next time.... leading to improve yourself...

But it is demanding process... Accepting your mistakes, put your ego aside and accept mistakes of other players is not a simple process. As in real life and real football !! Team spirit implies humility and patience.

For all this i would think EA should start to think about remove complete assisted mode... imagine if, in a near future, some crazy scientist would invent a technological or genetic device allowing footballers to automatically succeed their passes or shots consistently framed in goals ... or imagine that an external force in the game decides randomly the result of a pass or a shot regardless of the dexterity of the player... will you keep on watching games?

In sports and especially in soccer, a sequence of successful actions for attacking team or failures for defending team causes a scoring opportunity, or in the best case a goal. And full manual is the best mode to transcribe the tenuous relation between dexterity and success or even failure.

Most of the time, I think players gave up the idea of playing this mode of control after trying a few matches. Unfortunately it takes more than a few games to reap the benefits and pleasure of playing full manual, like it takes numerous years of training for a footballer to become a top player...

The first step to introduce full manual to players, would be to remove full auto and to make semi assisted as default. Many players would be "forced" to give it a try and would see that they just need little effort and concentration during a full match to succeed a real life Football player.


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