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FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC Calendar Day 24

Now FIFA 17 FUTmas squad building challenges for day 24 are live. Complete the challenges to get three special and untradeable FUTmas SBC cards - Héctor Bellerín, Loïc Perrin and Lorenzo Insigne


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Héctor Bellerín

Reward: an untradeable special SBC Héctor Bellerín

Requirements: 11 players, at least 2 TOTW players, at least 86 team rating with 50 chemistry.


FUTmas SBC Héctor Bellerín


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Loïc Perrin

Reward: an untradeable special SBC Loïc Perrin

Requirements: 11 gold players, 10 rare players, 1 Movember player, at least 75 chemistry.


FUTmas SBC Loïc Perrin


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Lorenzo Insigne

Reward: an untradeable special SBC Lorenzo Insigne

Requirements: 11 players, at least 1 Movember + Team of the Week Players, 84 team rating at least and 80 chemistry at least.


FUTmas SBC Lorenzo Insigne


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