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  • EA Released Update for FIFA 17 Mobile 10/22/2016
    A few weeks ago, FIFA 17 launched on Windows 10 mobile. And EA released a new update for the game, introducing some major improvements for your Windows 10 Mobile device.
  • FIFA 17 Cheats: How to Farm FIFA 17 Coins Fast 10/21/2016
    For most game players, what they want most is to make more coins. But it's getting harder for players to play meanwhile they are farming coins. So here are reported cheats for PC users to help you make more coins.
  • FIFA 17 Team of the Week 5 10/20/2016
    EA has revealed the fifth squad of the week for FUT. However, there are no OTW players. FIFA 17 TOTW 5 informs will be available in FIFA packs from 6pm, October 19th until 5.45pm UK time, October 26th.
  • Buying Silver Players to Earn FIFA 17 Coins 10/19/2016
    Enjoying playing the game is not the only aim of players, but they also want to earn coins.Most players only focus on gold players but many silver player have some value as well. Here are tips to earn coins with silver players.
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